Leonard’s is super delicious.

Leonard’s is the one of the most popular bakeries in Hawaii. Leonard’s is having its’ 55th anniversary this year!! It has a long history. Leonard’s was established as a bakery in 1952. The bakery prospered. Not long after opening, Leonard’s mother suggested making malasadas for Shrove Tuesday. It is a Portuguese tradition. Although thinking it may be too ethnic, Leonard’s bakers complied. Malasadas were a huge hit. And, the appetite for malasadas in Hawaii was born. Due to Leonard’s popularity Leonard required a larger, more modern facility, moving into their present location at 933 Kapahulu Avenue in 1957. And they reach it in now. The atmosphere of Leonard’s looks pretty and nostalgic. The inside is very fancy. There are 6 kinds of Malasada. They have white sugar, Cinnamon, custard cream, chocolate, coconut and seasonal varieties.(March and April are pineapple cream.) White sugar and cinnamon are 66 cents each. Other kinds are 89 cents each. Malasada’s taste was really good!!! They fry it after ordering so it is always fresh. The outside is crunchy, and the inside is soft and fluffy. It looks sweet but it’s not so sweet. Accordingly I wanted to eat more!! There are colorful cakes or cookies as well as a lot ofMalasadas. There are big wedding cakes, too.

Try to go to there if you come to Hawaii!!!


~ by Nick on April 20, 2007.

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