The Malasada was a great hit

First, Leonard worked at Snowflake Bakery until he set up Leonard’s Bakery in 1952. He sold Malasadas in a white and red wagon. The Malasada was a great hit, and Leonard’s Bakery became popular. Leonard required a larger shop, and the shop was moved into their present location at 933 Kapahulu Avenue in 1957.



 Malasadas are very cheap.




 The taste is very good! Malasada’s surface is crusty, and inside is very soft. It is also sweet. Chocolate or custard cream Malasadas have chocolate or custard sauce inside and that was hot and sweet, and these Malasadas are also tasty.



 The clerks are kind, and clerks work quickly, so we can get Malasadas very fast.



 There are many Malasadas and other sweets, such as éclairs, cream puffs or cakes, and they smell sweet. Many local people stay in the store, so Leonard’s is a little bit lively.


 Today, I took the Nick’s class, and we studied about TOEFL. TOEFL was very interesting, but it was first class in Monday, so we were a little bit tired. Nick likes something makes student’s fun. That’s why we went to the Leonard’s. Leonard’s is one of the traditional restaurants in Hawaii. First time, Malasada was made by Portuguese, and Leonard’s was first Malasada’s shop in Hawaii. When I went to the Leonard’s, many people stayed in the store. The store always has many people, and the store is very popular because the Malasadas are very cheap and tasty. Leonard’s is loved by many people for a long time. There are many kinds of Malasada, such as, plane, chocolate, cinnamon, custard cream, haupia ( coconuts) and pineapple. I like chocolate Malasada, and I want to try other kind of sweets.


~ by Nick on April 20, 2007.

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