My Favorite Malasada Doughnut

Leonard’s Bakery started business in 1952 at the same place on the corner of Kapahulu Avenue and Charles street. The price of original malasadas is 66 and other flavors are 85. Leonard’s Bakery is located corner on Kapahulu Avenue and Charles Street. Cost is inexpensive to buy. There are a lot of kinds of taste such as coconut, chocolate, sugar cinnamon, pineapple, guava, custard cream, and original. They taste modestly sweet. Outside is very crispy and inside is like mochi. My favorite tastes are sugar cinnamon and original. These are easy to eat. This shop’s clerks are very friendly and kind. If I ask some questions, the clerks always answer to me cheerfully. Inside the shop’s atmosphere is very traditional. There is a lot of staff that resemble Leonard’s character. You should go to Leonard’s if you have a chance.


~ by Nick on April 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “My Favorite Malasada Doughnut”

  1. I like Champion’s better.

  2. It sounds good! You’re making me hungry.

    One question though, what’s a “malasada daunt?”

  3. Woops, think we better ask the writer about that one. More coming soon.

  4. oh…I meant doughnut.

  5. Where can I find malasada doughnuts on Oahu or Kauai? Thanks

  6. you will be able to find on Kapahulu ave.

  7. On Kauai, go to the Menehune Food mart…Wonderful Malasadas!

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