Asahi Grill’s Loco Moco was very good big

cimg1876.jpgOn Monday, April 23, we went to Asahi Grill on field trip in class. Today, I’m going to introduce about Asahi Grill. First, we greeted a woman which is one of the waitresses, and we talk about we want to interview about Asahi Grill and we’ll put on our internet site. Then, the clerk responded hospitality “that’s good” and she taught us favorite food that were oxtail soup, and banana pancake. We ordered Loco Moco, fried rice, oxtail soup, banana pancake, and kim chee fried rice. I ate kim chee fried rice mainly that was good taste. Kim chee was not too much spicy and season was my liking season. Then, we shared other meals. Loco Moco was very good volume. I like the top of meat loaf. Then, fried rice’s taste was like good old taste. When I tried Oxtail soup, I felt spicy smell. It was first time to try oxtail soup, but I like it. Banana pancake was very tasty. Banana put in inside the pancakes. It was very sweet and I think portion was good quantity for me. Price was not so expensive. Banana pancake was very cheap. I recommend the banana pancakes. Ambience was very calm. I felt that was comfortable. The Asahi Grill located near the Blaisdell Arena. You can go about five minutes to use by bus from Waikiki. You should go there if you visit Hawaii or live in Hawaii. I promise that you could have good time in there.


~ by Nick on April 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Asahi Grill’s Loco Moco was very good big”

  1. That does looks like a great loco moco! Very thick and dark gravy.

  2. Kim chee fried rice is also delicious.

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