I like Asahi Grill

This Monday, we four people went to a restaurant, Asahi Grill.  The store is small but warm and fragrant, and the waitress is nice.  I ordered one of pancakes, Banana Hotcakes, and I ordered the big item to share.  It is delicious; actually, it is one of the most cimg1871.jpgdelicious dishes there.  The banana is inside and there are eight pieces of pancakes.  The store is close to Blaisdell Arena and near Ward Center, and the price that I ordered is just 3.95 dollars.  It is so cheap and great that I want to invite my friends to go next time.  All breakfast of Asahi Grill are cheap, is from 3.50 dollars to 7.95 dollars.  We also shared our food with each other, fried rice, kim chi fried rice, and loco moco.  The fried rice is so tasty that I want to order next time.  Though the kim chi fried rice is a little bit hot, I still eat and I can bear with the hot taste.  Loco moco, I didn’t like the food before, but when Nick shared with me, I found that I do not hate loco moco.  In that store, I could find the food what I didn’t like before, but now I change my mind just because the taste is good.


~ by Nick on April 27, 2007.

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