If you have never been to Asahi grill, you should go right away

  Asahi grill is the new restaurant which opened in March, 2006. Customers are almost all local people so Asahi Grill is not famous for tourist. It is popular for local people. Asahi grill has 12 items for breakfast and these are not so expensive. The breakfast menu can using 6:3011:00. “Kapiolani coffee shop’s “famous” Oxtail soup” ($8.95) is the most hot menu. This soup has rich taste but it has plain taste too. Beef was stewed and tender. It was really delicious when I ate soup andcimg1875.jpg rice together. You should try it!!  “kim chee fried rice” ($6.25) is also famous. It is not so spicy and my appetites increase.  “Banana hotcakes” ($3.95) is the cheapest menu. It has a lot of bananas and taste was moderately sweet. If you love bananas you will love it too! The waitress was friendly so you can talk to them. When you order a cup of coffee you can drink as much as you can. Asahi grill’s atmosphere was like Hawaiian coffee shop and it is like a home, an atmosphere I wanted to use anytime willingly.

 If you have never been to Asahi grill, you should go right away!!


~ by Nick on April 27, 2007.

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