Original Pancake House- good mood and good smell

In this time, I went to the Original Pancake House. We can find next to the Gyukaku. The address is 1221 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite103 Honolulu, HI 96814, and we can use the bus. The restaurant opens at 6:00am~2:00pm. I recommend you that you should go to there in the morning because the menu is good for breakfast. “The Original Pancake House was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1953 by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke.”(The Original Pancake House homepage, 1999-2005) The restaurant has long history, and also they “now have over one hundred franchises from coast to coast, which have won local and national acclaim.”(Original Pancake House homepage, 1999-2005) When I went to the restaurant, many people stay in there. The place was large, and there were many tables. The restaurant’s atmosphere is good mood and good smell, and the clerks served food quickly. The service was good too. I ate banana pancakes. These are very tasty, and also the volume was very big. We can get 5 pancakes. The pancake is very soft and sweet. Next time, I want to eat apple pancake because it looks very nice. Other menu was omelets, waffles and meats. There were some kinds of pancake, such as blueberry, chocolate coconuts, Hawaiian pancake bacon, buttermilk and potato. Omelets, waffles and meat also have some kinds.


~ by Nick on May 4, 2007.

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