Original Pancake House-good moods for old times

This week, April 31 on Monday, I went to Original Pancake House in Honolulu with my classmates and a professor. First “the Original Pancake House started in Portland, Oregon, in 1953 and there are more than 90 locations in America now.” (http://www.hawaiidiner.com/reviews/review.php?review=28 ) Today, the restaurants became famous in nationwide. It was very crowed when I went to there. Most of the tables sat people, so I could feel the shop is very famous for local people or newcomers. The Original Pancake House located near Gyukaku on Kapiolani street. I ordered Portuguese sausage and eggs for breakfast. Then, I could choose rice, pancake or potato. I chose rice, but I little bit regretted I didn’t choose pancakes because the restaurant famous for pancakes. However, one of my classmates gave me banana pancake. It was very tasty. The volume was very good big, so she couldn’t finish the meal. Most of Japanese people can’t finish the meal. Therefore, I recommend when you go the Original Pancake House, you should share with your friends or family. The restaurant’s atmosphere was homey, and I could feel good mood for old time and most of clerks were old women or men. It was so comfortable for me. You should go one time!!!!! 


~ by Nick on May 4, 2007.

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