Original Pancake House- soft and fluffy


The Original Pancake House was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1953 by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke.( http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/, 2005 )” so this shop is 54th in this year.  Besides, according to the website, “We now have over one hundred franchises from coast to coast.(http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/, 2005)” In Hawaii, there are 2 shops by Honolulu. It is 6:00 to 14:00 in business hours of The Original Pancake House (OPH). They have a big menu including pancakes, waffles, crepes, meats, omelettes and cereals. Moreover they have some specialties too.  The price is around 8 dollars including tip. 

I ordered “blueberry pancakes” but it was very disappointing for me. The reason why pancakes was slightly too salty to match with blueberry.  The blueberry taste was inimitableness which it seems to preserve blueberry with tea but soft and fluffy of pancake was really good. The reason why pancake was fluffy is “Our recipes demand only the very finest of ingredients, such as 93 score butter, pure 36% whipping cream, fresh grade AA eggs, hard wheat unbleached flour, and our own recipe sourdough starter. (http://www.originalpancakehouse.com/,2005)“ 

I want to try another taste of pancake and omelettes and also I want to try some specialties such as apple pancake ($9.25) and Dutch baby ($8.00).

The waitress made busy restlessly.  There is always still a waitress having coffee so service of coffee is substantial. The waitresses were friendly but I think ASAHI grill was more friendly.

The atmosphere was pretty because OPH are unified by brown and it is like a country.  When I went to OPH, it was weekday’s morning at 9:00 however there were crowded very much.  An hour later, the visitor became a half. Most of visitor was local people but there was Japanese tourist too.

If you want to go, I recommend the time between breakfast and lunch!!!


~ by Nick on May 4, 2007.

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