Andy’s Andy



Andy’s started in 1977 and greets the 30th in this year. At first, the shop’s name was “Manoa health market” but everybody knew about Andy so the name became “Andy’s”. The reason why Andy is famous is that he did business as a post office before he started “Andy’s”.

Andy’s has plenty menu for breakfast such as pancakes($3.50-), eggs($2.25-), French toast($3.99), omelets($4.50-), salad($3.99-), soup($2.45-) , sandwiches($4.10-) and smoothies($2.60-). Especially, omelets, sandwiches and smoothies have lots of kinds. The price was reasonable, and the volume was enough too. I ordered mushroom cheese omelets and I watched everybody eating potatoes so I ordered home style potatoes ($2.50) too. Taste was homey and feels nostalgia. The mushroom cheese omelet was delicious because cheese was melted. Other kinds of omelets looked very yummy too! A side was pretty big but I could eat all. The potato was very nice too. It was little bit salty but an omelet was bland so there are nice matching!! I thought both were good for breakfast. When you order breakfast, you can drink free coffee!! “Andy’s” use fresh cooking ingredient and they baking bread everyday. Salesclerks seem families and they are cheerful and very friendly. Customer was almost local people and they are kind and friendly more than city people. The atmosphere was homey and snug. The shop was not so big, but I like that atmosphere and people. When you go to the shop you can eat homey taste and also you can feel homey atmosphere. If you are lucky you may meet Andy’s Andy!?!!!!


~ by Nick on May 11, 2007.

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