Andy’s is a friendly store

This Monday morning, Nick originally drove us to the Liliha Bakery for breakfast, but when we got the place, it closed; as a result, we went to Andy’s for our breakfast.  Andy’s, the name is just because of the founder’s name, is opened 30 years.  Andy said that “Aloha is No.1 and everything else is No.2.” (Andy, 2007) In the store, they are all families, and their food is focused on healthy, so we don’t have to worry about the food is healthy or not.  There are a lot of foods we can choose, and I chose banana pancakes because I like to eat banana.  I spent 4.18 dollars buying banana pancakes, but it is delicious.  And there are three pieces of banana pancakes per dish.  After we order the dishes, we have to go to the other desk to pay; it is fun and new for me.  Because of the small store, everyone is friendly so that we can have a lot of chances to talk to the customers, workers and the founders.  I think that the founder want to make us a big family.


~ by Nick on May 11, 2007.

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