Andy’s – No1 is always ALOHA

We planned to go to Liliha Bakery, but regrettably, the store was closed today. That’s why we tried a new restaurant. We found the nice restaurant that was Manoa Health Market. The restaurant was a little bit small palace, but the inside of the restaurant was so energetic. The workers are very friendly, and they asked our order with very nice smile. I ordered spinach cheese omelets, and also they have eggs, potato, sandwich and pancake. We can get each foods about 3~6 dollar. That was cheap. The taste was very good, and the omelet had a lot of ingredient. Potato also looked like nice. Background music was Hawaiian music, so we can spend a good breakfast time with music. We could interview a manager that is Andy. He is very interesting person, and also he has very young mind. “First time, the store was a post office, but the post office was very busy, especially Christmas time. He changed the restaurant from post office in 1977. Now, the restaurant has many local customers. Everyday, breads vegetables are fresh.” We asked No.1 food, and he said that No1 is always ALOHA. That means people is most important, and foods are always second. He really takes care of customers. His grand children work this place too, so the restaurant is homey. They are cheerful people, and let’s go to the restaurant to meet happy clerks.


~ by Nick on May 11, 2007.

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