Andy’s – roast beef, cheese, and avocado

This week we were going to go Liliha Bakery on Kuakini Street to eat coco puffs, but the shop was closed. Therefore, went to Andy’s in Manoa valley. Andy’s is located next to star backs on We could interview the shop’s owner Andy. He was very kind for us and he took our interview very readily. He said that he opened this shop about 30 years ago. Before he opens this shop, he worked post office. However, the job was very busy especially Christmas times. Thus he changed his job post office into lunch shop. I thought that he looks like he enjoys his life now. Although I met him first time, he was like our daddy. I believe that I want to be like Andy who enjoys his life very much. Anyway, the shop had a lot of menus. It was difficult for me to decide. Then, I ordered sandwiches with roast beef, cheese, and avocado!!! Inside of the sandwiches, lots of roast beef, and vegetable. That was so delicious and fresh. Atmosphere was like at home. I could feel calm. I think that if you go there one time, you will want to go there again certainly. I just really want to know everyone, Andy was such a nice and good person♪♪      


~ by Nick on May 11, 2007.

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