Coffee Talk- A Dream World of Coffee

                                                                        Coffee Talk

Hello—– everyone♪♪ Today, I’m going to introduce about Coffee Talk. This Monday, we went to Coffee Talk. Coffee Talk is located in Kaimuki. This coffee shop’s address is 3601 Waialae Ave Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 ( The name came from comedy show. The coffee shop started about 20 years ago. The coffee shop has a lot of interesting objects such as pictures that were drawn for Coffee Talk of the shop. The most interesting object was a coffee cup that made of corrugated paper. The object is displayed outside’s place. That was very interesting for me. Primarily, we can use internet free in the coffee shop. It was very useful for us. Then, the coffee shops’ clerks were very kind and one of the clerks accepted our interview very happily. I really appreciated her attitude. Atmosphere was like dream world. It rarely can be seen in Japan, so I really could enjoy. Anyway, I ate chocolate & toffee sweet. This is kinds of scone. Caramel sauce was there with chocolate inside the sweet. That was very tasty!!!! Then, I also drank coffee. I put in chocolate powder inside the coffee. Usually, I don’t drink coffee, but it was very delicious and I could drink everything. I really liked this coffee shop. I believe that everyone will like the Coffee Talk. Therefore, please go to the coffee shop.


~ by Nick on May 18, 2007.

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