If you love coffee, let’s go to the “COFFEE TALK”!!!

There is a “COFFEE TALK” in Kaimuki. It is the twelfth year after starting a shop. The origin of shop’s name “COFFEE TALK” was taken from old NY comedy show. Of course there is a coffee shop, so they have plenty coffee menus and also they have tea, juice, “COFFEE TALK” shake and some food. The price was not so expensive such as house blend($1.00-), café late($3.25-), café moca’($3.50-),”COFFEE TALK” shake($3.50) and cake, scone and cookie($2.00). I ordered café moca ($4.00) and chocolate cone($2.00). When I was ordered I asked clerk “Which drink is much sweet?” and I choose café moca. (Because I can’t drink black coffee.) The taste was sweet and tasty. If you like sweet I recommend café moca. The size was big but I could drink with scone. There are two kinds of scone. A chocolate scone was soft and nice. A scone look like not so big but it has volume so it was good for my breakfast.

The shop opened from 5 o’clock in the morning. In the shop, they have some free computers and you can use own computer too. They have full breakfast only weekend.

A ceiling is high in store’s interior and the atmosphere was friendly. The clerk was friendly and she told us about the shop very much. I thought “COFFEE TALK” was friendlier than STAR BACKS COFFEE. The coffee has heart from clerk. If you love coffee, let’s go to the “COFFEE TALK”!!!



~ by Nick on May 18, 2007.

One Response to “If you love coffee, let’s go to the “COFFEE TALK”!!!”

  1. First let me say I enjoyed your post. I am just like you, although I drink a lot of coffee I cannot drink it black. I enjoy a very sweet coffee. I appreciate that you posted some of the prices and it does sound like it might even be cheaper than Starbucks. Most of all I agree with you that the people at Starbucks are not very friendly. Actually I stopped going to Starbucks because they are so rude. They used to make me feel stupid just because I placed an order. So anyway I enjoyed your post and will check back again soon.

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