Coffee Talk – art is special and the style is free

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk, there was just one store three years ago, but now there are five stores in Hawaii; and one of Coffee Talk that we went is located on Kaimuki.  Reported by Ken Sakamoto “Owner Liz Schwartz has created a unique atmosphere at Coffee Talk.” (, 2007).  This Monday, Nick drove us to Coffee Talk which is located in Kaimuki for our breakfast.  It is close to Big City where Teddy drove us to last term.  Coffee Talk is a great place because the art is special and the style is free; and the personality is different from Star Bucks.  On weekends, there are some special breakfasts so that people can taste something special.  I bought one chocolate chip toffee and one hot chocolate, and I spent a total of five dollars; chocolate chip toffee is two dollars and hot chocolate is three dollars.  It is cheaper and delicious; next time, if I have time, I may buy something different.


~ by Nick on May 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Coffee Talk – art is special and the style is free”

  1. Is there anywhere on Ohau or Kauai where a person can get malasada doughnuts? Thanks

  2. Yes, you can get malasadas on Oahu.

  3. Get malasadas at many places, the first that comes to mind is Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu.

  4. Thanks for your point^^

  5. Thanks for giving a good view.

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