Bogart’s – breakfast bagel

Today, we went to Bogart’s for breakfast. Bogart’s is one of the good coffee shops, and the place is near Diamondhead, and a small shopping center has the shop. There are some shops near the shop. Maybe we can find easily. The address is 3045 Monsarrat Ave # 3Honolulu, HI 96815. The shop opens 6:00-19:00, and on Saturday, the shop closes 18:00. The place is not so big place, but the atmosphere is very cool. Some surfboards are hanged at wall, and the place is clean. Most people relaxed with the place, such as friends enjoyed talking, or many people smiled happily. We stayed in there about 9:00 although many people stayed in the place. It was very difficult to move. The clerks are very kind, and they explained about food very clearly. The place has many kinds of food, such as avocado sandwich, chicken sandwich, and breakfast bagel. These foods have good smell, and also coffee looked very nice. The store has many kind of coffee and smells great. I ordered breakfast bagel that taste very good!! The cheese and spinach is very good, and the beagle is big and good smell. I want to eat again. We can get foods about $4~10 that is cheap, but we can eat heartily. If you go to the place, you will have good time with good coffee and food. You should go Bogart’s to get very nice food.


~ by Nick on May 29, 2007.

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