Bogart’s – I love bagels

          There is “BOGART’S” in Monsarrat Ave near the Honolulu zoo so you can see Diamond Head clearly from shop.  The shop is not so big but there were too many people from morning.  There were plenty menu such as omelettes, sandwiches, bagel and coffee.  However I felt omelettes and sandwiches are little bit expensive for breakfast. (I couldn’t remember price but these were about $8.)  I ordered “Bagel Works ($3.50)”. It was only for breakfast menu. I could choose from 12 bagels. (Taste was Blueberry, plain, pistachio, everything and so on.) Also I could choose pistachio cheese cream or tomato cheese cream. I chose everything bagel and tomato cheese cream. A bagel was warmed so outside was crispy and inside was tender. It was very delicious!!  Bagel has lots of flavor so I did not go off. Tomato cheese cream was plain and tasty.  A bagel has fully fresh vegetables and quantity was just good.  Therefore I thought it is great for breakfast.  A salesclerk was friendly with good smile very much. When I ordered, I asked about menu and also I asked what bagel is recommended. A salesclerk explained me and she told me no1 bagel too.  I was happy.  Atmosphere was bright and I felt surf because the shop was near the beach. I ate many types of breakfast but it was the best breakfast for me!! Of course I want to go “BOGART’S” again!!! You should go there too!!!


~ by Nick on May 29, 2007.

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