Bogarts – like a family

This Monday, we first went to a place that sells malasadas, but the store wasn’t open, so we went to another place, Bogart’s.  This place is near by Diamond Head, and close to Waikiki.  It is in a small shopping center, like small McCully Shopping Center; there are also parking lots in front of stores.  One of sandwiches that I ordered is Ham and Cheese Sandwich.  Nick, Eri, Marie, and Mai ordered Bagels.  It took me six dollars to buy the sandwich, but I think it is cheap because there are many stuff in the sandwich.  All guests can take their own pets to the store, they don’t care about the pets, and this is one reason of why I like the store.  Because I didn’t understand what the sandwich concludes, I asked the waitress; and she was kind to answer me all questions that I asked.  She also told me the detail about the sandwich that I wanted to know.  Though the store is small, it is such famous place.  People are friendly and they are more like a family.  After we bought all we wanted, we went back to school to talk about our love, Toefl.


~ by Nick on May 29, 2007.

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