Liliha Bakery – All of them are pretty delicious

This Monday was Memorial Day, so we didn’t go to class and also didn’t go out for breakfast.  Fortunately, because Monday was such a big holiday, we could go out on Tuesday; we also could go to Liliha Bakery which is not open on Mondays.  Liliha Bakery, located on 515 N. Kuakini Street (Corner of Kuakini and Aipaako-across Pizza Hut), is open 24 hours from Tuesday 6 am to Sunday 8 pm.  The plate lunch prices are from 5.20 to 6.50.  I ordered Ham and Eggs plate, it is 5.50; I think it is not so expensive because there are two pieces of ham, two eggs, some rice, and four pieces of bread.  All of them are pretty delicious; next time, I must take my friends to go there for lunch because I want to share something delicious with them.  Because of 24 hours open, the waitresses are nice and they are friendly.  They always ask guests about how the taste is, what else do guests need, and how the guests feel.  They pretty care about guests’ thinking because I think they don’t want to hear that guests don’t like the place.  There are also some parking lots in front of the store for guests to park; it makes everyone content to park their cars to enjoy their time for food.  Therefore, I strongly promise, if you want to choose a good place for food anytime, the best place you can find is Liliha Bakery.


~ by Nick on June 1, 2007.

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