Liliha Bakery – coco puffs, you should try now!!

               “Liliha Bakery”, in Kuakini st., has history of more than 50 years.  Local people love Liliha’s coco puffs.  The shop has lots of bread, cakes and coco and also bakery is coffee shop. They only closed Monday but they open 24 hours from 6:00 a.m. Tuesday through 8:00 p.m. Sunday.                I ordered Portuguese sausage omelet ($6.25). (You can choose omelet topping from cheese, spam, ham, Vienna sausage, Portuguese sausage or bacon.) Omelet was “breakfast” menu. If you ordered “breakfast” menu, it was includes 1 scoop of rice & white or brown toast.  Omelet was flavor of butter and it was good much with Portuguese sausage. Also it was nice much with omelet and rice.  Toast was really great!!  It was normal toast but I loved it. These were a little too much quantity breakfast for me but I thought these were great.              The shop has only counter seats so if you sit back side; you can watch what they cooking now.  I was glad when I noted price of menu for this paper, one waitress gave me small menu for takeout. They seem so busy but they were so kind.  The atmosphere was like local. Therefore you can touch and feel local mood.The shop was really busy!  There were many people waiting and line up!! I felt “Liliha Bakery” was really popular in
I want to try another breads and cakes next time!!  If you want to feel like local it was good shop for you. Also I think if you never try to eat coco puffs, you should try now!!


~ by Nick on June 1, 2007.

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