Liliha bakery – every one said great!!

Today, we went to the Liliha bakery for breakfast. The place was 515 N.Kuakini St Honolulu, HI. The bakery started from 66 years ago, and the place was loved for a long time by many people. It was so crowded in this place though we went to the place at 9:00. The most famous food was coco puffs, and we can buy the baked goods, but also many people waited to eat breakfast in restaurant. The bakery is always crowded. I could understand why many people wait to eat meal, when I ate waffles. The waffles were very tasty!! The waffle had crisp surface, and sweet. I was very happy, and in addition I ate all waffles soon although the quantity was very big for me. The food was cooked in front of customers by some cooks, so we can see the process of food that was very interesting. Many people ordered a very big hotcake that looked very nice and smelled good. The omelets also looked good. We can get these food about $ 4~6. By the way, today is my birthday, so I ate a chocolate cake that was called dream. That was also tasty. Clerk put on the fire to a candle, and clerks are very friendly. I had good memory thanks to the bakery. The atmosphere is good. The table is just one line, so all customers can see the clerks. I bought some coco puffs that had chocolate cream inside of puffs, and sweet cream put on the top. These were very tasty, and I like that. After go back to the home, I gave coco puffs, and every one said great!! That was good for gifts. We can get coco puffs about $ 1 each. Liliha bakery is one of the my best favorite places.


~ by Nick on June 1, 2007.

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