Champion’s – It means No. 1!!!!

This Thursday, that was last day of breakfast club to go to eat somewhere, we went to Champion to eat malasada. The shop is located on Beretania Street. It takes about 5 minutes to go to the Champion Malasadas. If you wanna go there, take taxies or cars are better. The owner named Champion because he has strong confidence to know about malasadas the most. It means No. 1!!!! Therefore, he named his shop, Champion. We can get malasadas very cheap. However, Champion’s malasada is cheaper than other shops. We can get only 60cents. You will be able to eat that you want♪ Today, we got two dozens, and we shared. That was sooooo delicious. I can go to get anytime when I want to eat because the shop is very close from our college school, Hawaii Tokai International College, and Waikiki. The last day of Breakfast Club, I could enjoy, and I had a good time. If you want to eat fresh baked malasada, you should go to Champion Malasadas!!!!!!!    Thank You.


~ by Nick on June 15, 2007.

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