Champion’s Malasada – very hot.

          Today, we went to the one of the most famous places in Hawaii that was Champion Malasadas. The place was 1926 S. Beretania St, this place may not find easily, and we can’t go to the place very easily. However you should go to there because we can get very sweet and tasty Malasada. The Malasada was very cheap that was 60!! We can get many Malasadas, and you can give some Malasadas for your friends and family. There were some different sweets and breakfast except Malasadas. Another advantage of the store is very quickly!! We ordered two dozens Malasadas though we can get soon, and Malasada was very hot. Next, I am going to explain why the Malasadas are very tasty or why everyone like Champion’s Malasada. The Malasada’s surface was so much sugar, and that was good, in addition, when we bit the Malasada, that was so crusty, and then the inside of Malasada was very soft. That’s why Champion’s Malasada was very good. If you came to Hawaii, or you stay in Hawaii, you should eat Malasdas because you would be happy, and you would love Hawaii. Please try the great sweets Chanpion’s Malasada.


~ by Nick on June 15, 2007.

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