Sure Shot – I love melted cheese

There is a “Sure shot café” in a Makiki shopping center village of wider Ave.  It passed in around 10 after becoming the present owner, but there was the shop from more old days.  There are plenty breakfast menu such as bagel, sandwiches, granola (with yogurt), cookies and scones.  I ordered smoky bagel ($3.50) because it was a shop’s recommended bagel.  There was a broil Canadian bacon with melted cheddar cheese that was inside of bagel.  Also I could choose a bagel from 8 kinds.  I choose a bagel of “everything”.  Taste was really nice.  The bacon and the cheese were matched very much.  However, taste of bacon was like a ham.  I love melted cheese so it was great breakfast for me.   The quantity was just good too.  Nick ate bagel with cream cheese and slice tomato.  It looked delicious!!  The food was made after ordered, but I was not wait long time.  In the shop, we could drink water and also read Japanese magazine.  There was not restroom.  Therefore, you have to go a neighboring park to use it.  There were lots of pictures on the wall.  Nick said the pictures in the shop were changed once a week.  I thought it was interesting idea.  An atmosphere to calm was nice.  I recommend in the morning when you want to take it easy because you can relax long time.


~ by Nick on June 15, 2007.

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