Sure Shot – very cool place

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          I went to The Sure shot café in this week, and the store was on the 1249 Wilder Ave. Honolulu. That was a not large store, but we could relax in the place. If you have children, the parents can enjoy with children because there were some toys and some books, and also there were some Japanese books and comics. The smell was so good, and atmosphere was also great. The coffee shop has a lot of menus I was puzzled what to choose. I chose a chocolate scone and a bagel, and the scone has cheese and hums. It was delicious, and I was full up. I could spend good relaxing time with nice music in the coffee shop. If you have a car, you can go to very easily, and if you don’t have a car, you should go to there because this place was very cool place, and if this store is not crowded, you may study or work. The Sure shot café is not expensive, and you can get bagel about $5, and scone was cheaper than bagel. This store also had sandwiches, muffins or good smell’s coffee. If you go to the coffee shop, you can enjoy your breakfast, and if you want to relax with nice coffee and good food, you should go to Sure shot café. This coffee store is one of the most interesting stores in Hawaii.


Liliha Bakery – All of them are pretty delicious

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This Monday was Memorial Day, so we didn’t go to class and also didn’t go out for breakfast.  Fortunately, because Monday was such a big holiday, we could go out on Tuesday; we also could go to Liliha Bakery which is not open on Mondays.  Liliha Bakery, located on 515 N. Kuakini Street (Corner of Kuakini and Aipaako-across Pizza Hut), is open 24 hours from Tuesday 6 am to Sunday 8 pm.  The plate lunch prices are from 5.20 to 6.50.  I ordered Ham and Eggs plate, it is 5.50; I think it is not so expensive because there are two pieces of ham, two eggs, some rice, and four pieces of bread.  All of them are pretty delicious; next time, I must take my friends to go there for lunch because I want to share something delicious with them.  Because of 24 hours open, the waitresses are nice and they are friendly.  They always ask guests about how the taste is, what else do guests need, and how the guests feel.  They pretty care about guests’ thinking because I think they don’t want to hear that guests don’t like the place.  There are also some parking lots in front of the store for guests to park; it makes everyone content to park their cars to enjoy their time for food.  Therefore, I strongly promise, if you want to choose a good place for food anytime, the best place you can find is Liliha Bakery.

Liliha Bakery – Walk into a party

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This Tuesday, we went to Liliha Bakery on Kuakini street. Liliha Bakery’s address is 515 North Kuakini StreetHonolulu, HI 96817. Phone number is (808) 531-1651, and the shop open Tuesday 6am through Sunday 8pm (24 hours), and regular holiday is Mondays.Liliha Bakery is one of the famous local shops in Hawaii. Thus, people always line up inside the shop to buy coco puff or other food when I go to Liliha Bakery. It was first time to eat inside Liliha Bakery. I ate pancake. That was sooo tasty—- I like the pancake better than other shops that I went. The shop form was counter. It can not see the style as Liliha Bakery style in Japan, so I really interested in the style, and I could enjoy local style in this shop. The shop’s clerks are very interesting. Everyone often said joke. This Monday was my class mate’s birthday!!!!!! Therefore, we sung birthday song for her. At that time, lots of customers also sung for her with us I was glad to sing with them for her. There was a couple who was sitting next to us; they were going to marriage that night. The couple looks around 50 years old. When I knew that, I thought age doesn’t matter. It was sooo romantic for me. I could experience a lot of feeling in Liliha Bakery. I could make good memories. You can feel as me, if you go Liliha Bakery♪♪

Liliha bakery – every one said great!!

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Today, we went to the Liliha bakery for breakfast. The place was 515 N.Kuakini St Honolulu, HI. The bakery started from 66 years ago, and the place was loved for a long time by many people. It was so crowded in this place though we went to the place at 9:00. The most famous food was coco puffs, and we can buy the baked goods, but also many people waited to eat breakfast in restaurant. The bakery is always crowded. I could understand why many people wait to eat meal, when I ate waffles. The waffles were very tasty!! The waffle had crisp surface, and sweet. I was very happy, and in addition I ate all waffles soon although the quantity was very big for me. The food was cooked in front of customers by some cooks, so we can see the process of food that was very interesting. Many people ordered a very big hotcake that looked very nice and smelled good. The omelets also looked good. We can get these food about $ 4~6. By the way, today is my birthday, so I ate a chocolate cake that was called dream. That was also tasty. Clerk put on the fire to a candle, and clerks are very friendly. I had good memory thanks to the bakery. The atmosphere is good. The table is just one line, so all customers can see the clerks. I bought some coco puffs that had chocolate cream inside of puffs, and sweet cream put on the top. These were very tasty, and I like that. After go back to the home, I gave coco puffs, and every one said great!! That was good for gifts. We can get coco puffs about $ 1 each. Liliha bakery is one of the my best favorite places.

Liliha Bakery – coco puffs, you should try now!!

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               “Liliha Bakery”, in Kuakini st., has history of more than 50 years.  Local people love Liliha’s coco puffs.  The shop has lots of bread, cakes and coco and also bakery is coffee shop. They only closed Monday but they open 24 hours from 6:00 a.m. Tuesday through 8:00 p.m. Sunday.                I ordered Portuguese sausage omelet ($6.25). (You can choose omelet topping from cheese, spam, ham, Vienna sausage, Portuguese sausage or bacon.) Omelet was “breakfast” menu. If you ordered “breakfast” menu, it was includes 1 scoop of rice & white or brown toast.  Omelet was flavor of butter and it was good much with Portuguese sausage. Also it was nice much with omelet and rice.  Toast was really great!!  It was normal toast but I loved it. These were a little too much quantity breakfast for me but I thought these were great.              The shop has only counter seats so if you sit back side; you can watch what they cooking now.  I was glad when I noted price of menu for this paper, one waitress gave me small menu for takeout. They seem so busy but they were so kind.  The atmosphere was like local. Therefore you can touch and feel local mood.The shop was really busy!  There were many people waiting and line up!! I felt “Liliha Bakery” was really popular in
I want to try another breads and cakes next time!!  If you want to feel like local it was good shop for you. Also I think if you never try to eat coco puffs, you should try now!!

Bogart’s – I love bagels

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          There is “BOGART’S” in Monsarrat Ave near the Honolulu zoo so you can see Diamond Head clearly from shop.  The shop is not so big but there were too many people from morning.  There were plenty menu such as omelettes, sandwiches, bagel and coffee.  However I felt omelettes and sandwiches are little bit expensive for breakfast. (I couldn’t remember price but these were about $8.)  I ordered “Bagel Works ($3.50)”. It was only for breakfast menu. I could choose from 12 bagels. (Taste was Blueberry, plain, pistachio, everything and so on.) Also I could choose pistachio cheese cream or tomato cheese cream. I chose everything bagel and tomato cheese cream. A bagel was warmed so outside was crispy and inside was tender. It was very delicious!!  Bagel has lots of flavor so I did not go off. Tomato cheese cream was plain and tasty.  A bagel has fully fresh vegetables and quantity was just good.  Therefore I thought it is great for breakfast.  A salesclerk was friendly with good smile very much. When I ordered, I asked about menu and also I asked what bagel is recommended. A salesclerk explained me and she told me no1 bagel too.  I was happy.  Atmosphere was bright and I felt surf because the shop was near the beach. I ate many types of breakfast but it was the best breakfast for me!! Of course I want to go “BOGART’S” again!!! You should go there too!!!

Bogart’s – breakfast bagel

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Today, we went to Bogart’s for breakfast. Bogart’s is one of the good coffee shops, and the place is near Diamondhead, and a small shopping center has the shop. There are some shops near the shop. Maybe we can find easily. The address is 3045 Monsarrat Ave # 3Honolulu, HI 96815. The shop opens 6:00-19:00, and on Saturday, the shop closes 18:00. The place is not so big place, but the atmosphere is very cool. Some surfboards are hanged at wall, and the place is clean. Most people relaxed with the place, such as friends enjoyed talking, or many people smiled happily. We stayed in there about 9:00 although many people stayed in the place. It was very difficult to move. The clerks are very kind, and they explained about food very clearly. The place has many kinds of food, such as avocado sandwich, chicken sandwich, and breakfast bagel. These foods have good smell, and also coffee looked very nice. The store has many kind of coffee and smells great. I ordered breakfast bagel that taste very good!! The cheese and spinach is very good, and the beagle is big and good smell. I want to eat again. We can get foods about $4~10 that is cheap, but we can eat heartily. If you go to the place, you will have good time with good coffee and food. You should go Bogart’s to get very nice food.