Champion’s – fresh fried malasada

The name of “Champions” came from founder’s idea.  He thought “My malasada is the best!! It is the champion of malasada!!”  There is a “Champions” in Beratania Street.  You can take 5 minutes to go there from HTIC to using car.  The shop is a bakery so you can buy not only malasada but also bread.  Monday is holiday and other day, they are open 6:00 to 21:00.  However, only Sunday is closing 19:00.  The malasada was only 60 cent.  Nick ordered dozen ($7.50).  The malasada was made after ordered so it was fresh fried malasada.  The taste was soft and delicious.  Also taste was little bit sour but it was delicious.  The salesclerks were Chinese because the founder of “Champions” was also Chinese.  The atmosphere was like Liliha bakery but Campion was smaller than Liliha.  The shop was artless. 

If you want try local malasada, you should try it. 


~ by Nick on June 15, 2007.

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